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New Year – New You

January 31, 2019


Name Songya Kessler - Lisa Maria Pippus Category Past



Reflect on 2018 and Plan Your Year Ahead!

Start your new year right: Join us for a reflection & planning session and meet with other inspirational women! Our fellow PWN members Lisa Maria Pippus and Songya Kesler will guide us to reflect on what we have done, learned and achieved in 2018, and help us to develop our vision on how we want to feel in the year ahead.

Facilitated by fellow PWN members :
– Lisa Maria Pippus / Personal Brand & Style Coach
Lisa loves helping women unpack their personality strengths, prioritizing the ones they want to bring to life through a distinct signature style. So they are seen, valued and remembered.
– Songya Kesler // Leadership consultant & coach
Full of heart and positive-to-fault, Songya wants to contribute-to and live-in a world where inspired human beings conspire to thrive in an increasingly complex world.